The Vermont Country House

Rest and Relaxation in the Heart of the Green Mountains

TEL: 917 446 9753
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* Completely renovated 19th century farmhouse  * 100 acre private farm bordering on Green Mountain National Forest
* 5 bedrooms/2.5 bathrooms * Beautiful views of the Green Mountains
* Golf course and Long Trail within 2 miles * Country Tennis court
* Spacious livingroom with working fireplace * On-site cross country ski trails
* Panoramic picture windows  * On-site swimming hole/ice skating pond
* Large modern kitchen

* Outdoor dining/lounging patio

* SKIING: The house is located in Goshen, VT, 05733, which is a 40 minute drive from Killington/Pico. The closest ski resort is the family-friendly hidden gem, Middlebury College Snow Ball

View from kitchen/patio View from livingroom picture window
Fully equipped modern kitchen Livingroom with large fireplace
Bedroom #1 of 5 Bedroom #2 of 5



$2500/Holiday Week

From $995/Long Weekend

$1500/Holiday Weekend

Price Negotiable Off-Peak

Price includes heat, electricity, water, local phone, garbage removal at the conclusion of stay.

Weeks are 7 Days/6 Nights, and they typically begin on Saturday with a Friday departure.


TEL: 917 446 9753

(queries by email answered most quickly)